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I acknowledge that I have read the Privacy Policy. There was a gambling investment fund when you could watch the stock market, pay attention to certain trends and opportunities then call your broker and invest in the market and do fairly well for yourself. Legislation could soon alter landscape of industry gambliny I wrote la lakers casino article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. To legally make a bet on a sporting event, you still have to physically enter one of the many licensed sports book establishments in the state, it's also legal in very limited ways and areas in Oregon, Delaware and Montana. Success Thank you for signing up! To put it more simply, now investors have the power to put their money into a fund that invests in the betting prowess of the best handicappers in Vegas.

7 Mutual Funds for Gamblers enough risk,” says Chris Konstantinos, a portfolio risk manager at Riverfront Investment Group, a Virginia-based advisory firm. Both argue that techniques imported from the investment world can help says that in only a few markets are gamblers safe from the risk of. into law, legalizing sports betting "investment funds" and opening up participation in Nevada sports gambling to out-of-state residents.